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The Vision

In 2021, the City of Hamilton transferred operational responsibility of three key downtown entertainment facilities, FirstOntario Centre, FirstOntario Concert Hall, and the Hamilton Convention Centre, to the Hamilton Urban Precinct Entertainment Group Consortium (“HUPEG”) for a 49-year period. 

We believe that the thoughtful redevelopment of these facilities, undertaken collaboratively, with a range of stakeholders, will allow us to create a world class entertainment district.   Such a resolve can serve as a powerful catalyst for the regeneration of this city.

We call our vision: The Commons.

While this reimagining of our cultural landmarks will bring exciting new events and experiences to the city, community remains at its core.  It's impact will be measured by the positive outcomes and opportunities it generates across Hamilton, not just building permits and bottom lines downtown.

Hamilton's revitalization starts with modernizing the destinations we all know and love to unlock their true potential. Central to everyone in the city, these spaces form the brick-and-mortar foundations of The Commons.

The Commons will allow for bigger and better entertainment experiences, bringing people together to celebrate, observe, and behold outstanding culture and competition. Complete with shopping, dining and year-round events, the city will buzz with new, vibrant energy.

At its core, The Commons is about creating stronger bonds across our community through shared spaces and experiences.  Prioritizing mobility, sustainability, accessibility, and safety is vital in creating a hub for Hamiltonians to gather, connect and grow together.

The Name
"A piece of land belonging to or affecting the whole community."

The very definition of Commons captures the significance and objectives of this vision.  This is placemaking done by and for the community that it serves.  Yes, its epicentre is the downtown core, but the impact it will have on the city will be felt across all wards and benefit all Hamiltonians.

An arial view of downtown Hamilton in the evening.

The Approach
We can't build this without you

Engaging with the community to realize this vision will create a more inclusive and transparent process and help to ensure that this effort meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors.

We're calling on all Hamiltonians to share their vision of public space and culture in this city to ensure The Commons sparks passion and pride from all citizens and awe and admiration from outsiders.

Group of people talking inside a room settin

Sense of place

There truly is no place like home, that feeling of personal comfort and warm familiarity. Whether you’re born and raised, new to the city, or here for a short visit, The Commons should always feel like home. 

What feelings should The Commons elicit?

Moments & memories

Memorable moments aren't always created within a city's buildings or structures but often in the public spaces in between. Where children laugh and play, where co-workers grab a bite, where couples hold hands while walking down the street.

What kind of moments do you hope The Commons will help create?

Deliberate design

In advancing this initiative, we are carefully considering how people move between buildings, streets, parks, plazas and rooftops.  These factors are essential in facilitating social interaction and promoting safety.

What urban design elements would most improve the downtown experience?

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